Rum Group is entirely dependent on a set of values and principles that demonstrate the group’s responsibility towards nature, society and employees:

The Management and the rest of the staff understand that Rum commits itself to integrity in all business practices, honesty and the pursuit of its goals through legal and ethical means.

Innovative Quality
Rum commits itself and its employees to quality and superior performance and the pledge to international best practices.

Human Resources
With full understanding that the employees are the centre of the company’s focus and ultimate success, thus Rum is committed to personnel’s growth through training and experience.

Client Service
The Rum group aims at enriching the level of customer satisfaction and expectations at all levels. All service providers in Rum aspire at providing a pleasurable experience to their customers by understanding their specific interests, anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Corporate Governance
This is the core centre of all activities and the long term viability of any corporation. It is where rights and responsibilities are specified and distributed through the structure emphasizing the rules and procedures of making and taking decisions at critical positions. The group’s objectives should be set and explained at all levels with clear definitions of accomplishment and monitoring. Rum is a steadfast supporter of corporate governance for the benefit of all stakeholders.