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As part of our growing ambition and our continuous drive to expand, Rum Group has invested in one of Jordan’s leading insurance companies, Arab Union International Insurance Company (AIUI), adding to the countless services and business ventures Rum Group operates.


Since its establishment in 1976, AIUI has grown to become one of Jordan’s leading providers of quality insurance and risk management services with constant support and focus on clients following a strict culture of excellence, integrity, and responsibility. Rum Group’s partnership with AIUI extends to vastly broadening strategies and planning for a brighter, more hopeful future leaving a bright print in Jordan’s society.


Through our years of experience and vast understanding of the local and regional market, we’ve managed to design optimized solutions for various fields including marine insurance, medical insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance, engineering insurance and aviation insurance. AIUI prides itself in providing the best service possible to clients with complete ease and without complication insuring a thriving and continuous relationship that takes in consideration each client and tends to their specific needs.