Rum Invest

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Joining as a key partner in 2015, Rum Group has managed to transform Ruminvest into a state of the art, model brokerage firm offering advanced financial services to numerous clients.


Ruminvest operates within clear and definitive standard policies ensuring a safe and stable investment. Basing investment decisions on analytical studies and a modern approach, Ruminvest makes sure all investors and traders take the right steps, constantly guiding them to financial success and a flourishing investment.  


Through our unique approach and calculated methods, at Ruminvest we strive to develop the financial services sector in Jordan and the region and making use of every opportunity that presents itself. We offer our investors a clear view of options to invest in the Amman Stock Exchange as well as providing them with the most relevant, important and crucial information through our website to ensure they make the correct and informed decisions.


And through our expertise, we build a long lasting and fruitful relationship with our clients and investors based on mutual respect, accuracy and honesty maintaining a clear path that leads to success and a flourishing future.